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Every hour Brazilians cut about six football fields a day!  Can anyone help me save the Brazilian Rain Forest? Can you help me save the BRAZILIAN Rain Forest from depletion?

There are lots of animals in the rain forest that are becoming extinct because of people cutting down trees. They are threatening the animals home. Animals, insects and plants that could help to cure diseases!

Canopies are thirty to fifty feet off the ground. Trees in the rain forest have vines called Lieanas. There are some wonderful red flowers called Orchids. The locations of some of the rain forests are the South American Amazon Forest, Congo Africa and South Asia.

Native people have lived in the rain forest for thousands of years. Christopher Columbus thinking he landed outside the rain forest in Indonesia mistakenly called the people living in North and South America Indians. Some people get their food from the rain forest.

Seventy eight million acres of trees get cut down a year. In the last few years about 50,000 animals died. The animals die because of habitat destruction.

You might ask me why we have to save the rain forest. Our world needs these great forests. Some plants in the rain forest help make our medicine. There are over thirty million species of plants and animals. Some we have not yet discovered. If we cut down the rain forest it will alter the wind and ocean current patterns. It will also cause drought, flooding and soil erosion in places it has never been before.

Please help me save the rain forest. It will help all mankind. We have to stop cutting down trees. There will be no more exotic parrots or animals left in the wild. People are cutting down trees for furniture and paper. Please recycle paper so we won't have to cut down as many trees.

If we cut down these large beautiful forests it will take away a third of the earth's oxygen. There might be great disease among the earth because we won't have the plants to help make the medicine to cure the disease. Think of all the people that might die because of loss of food. We might die because of loss of oxygen.

Who knows what might happen if we alter the wind and ocean current. Do you? Just one person can make a difference by starting a fundraiser. Who knows, if one person starts a fundraiser other people will follow and after that the whole world will stop people from cutting down the rain forests.

Then we will have time to discover the undiscovered species of plants and animals. The parrots, apes, spider monkeys and many more animals will be saved and will have a home. We might discover a new plant to make more cures.

While I was asking you to help me save these very large tropical forests about 150 acres of trees where cut down. Within in the next hour six animals will die. My friend would like to talk to you. "Squawk lets play a game. Let's play he says. He says touch your nose. Rub your head. He says help save my brothers and sisters in the rain forest." Thank you my friend. Please think about what he said.

I hope I was able to show you what the depletion of the rain forest means to the future of our planet. So, please let's do our part!

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