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Breeding Parrots, Cockatiels and Lovebirds.


Lovebirds are adorable birds. For those who never had tamed bird it is a very good beginning to start with a lovely happy and inexpensive bird. They are easily tamed when you buy them young. To identify if they are young or not, there are some "tricks", the first one is that some colours of lovebirds when young have black beak, and the other ones, have pale colours.

All lovebirds are so-called granivores. Don't take that too literally, as if the bird were not interested in anything else, for that would be wrong, of course. Grains or seeds are the main food, the most important of which are: sunflower seeds; millet; canary seed; oats; Niger seed; grass seed and weed seed.

Quite individualistic tastes have often been observed in lovebirds. Here is an important rule: what a bird eats first, preferentially and in large amounts is not necessarily healthy or very digestible!Feeding your bird monotonously can be dangerous and unhealthy, you have to give them vegetables, green vegetables, fruits, cereals without sugar and toasted bread.

If your lovebird is with feathers fluffed up with the wings held out slightly from the body and breathing with open mouth may indicate that your bird is over-heated or over-stressed. Check the temperature of the environment and try to remove recent stressors from the area. If the behaviour continues for more than a few minutes a call to the vet is recommended to guard against illness.

The importance of clear, clean water, if possible clear of chlorine, not too cold, and given fresh at least once a day, is often underestimated in its effect on health and well being. Don't be misled by any observation that seems to show that lovebirds drink relatively little. Fresh water twice a day is recommended specially in summer. Do not forget bathing water too.

Sunflower Seeds - It is a very fatty and addictive seed for you birds (addictive in the way of chocolate not cocaine). When birds eat these seeds they go hyperactive just like we do when we drink coffee. Sunflower seeds also contain the bacteria called E-coli which is very deadly. Please think of your birds health and never feed your birds Sunflower seeds.Feed your birds a healthy substitute like some extra vegetables or fruit. I do not feed my birds sunflower seeds any more after I was told what sunflower seeds can do to a bird.

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