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Breeding Parrots, Cockatiels and Lovebirds.

Specific feeding

Feeding is the most misunderstood thing when taking care of your pet bird..
-Birds do not live by seed alone.
-Birds love to chew. Offer them some branches, even Rawhide is good for them
-Offer new foods one at a time. Always monitor your bird to make sure your bird is eating enough food.


All birds need a complete diet of Grains , Vegetables, Fruits, and Fresh Water . Try placing a broccoli or cantaloupe on the cage, they seem to like these treats. Little birds (3 months and up)love to chew on things and this gives them something nutritious. Itís good to use Quality Bird Food Pellets, along with a mixture of fruits, veggies, seeds, eggs, beans, rice and cereals. Also a good lovebirds seed mixture with added wheat germ and 12 grain cereal mix , a small quantity of raw sunflower seeds. We also add about 2 or 3 tablespoons of charcoal and oyster shells to each batch of seed mixture. It is good to feed your birds with frozen mixed vegetables any variety is good. Just place veggies in a pot, bring to a boil, take them out, run cold water over them and serve. We place broccoli stems in a food processor or carrots and cabbage together, my birds just love this. Just be patient and keep giving your bird a good variety of fresh veggies.

Seeds - A seed diet is not considered a complete diet for any bird. Pet birds are often lacking essential vitamins. Converting seed eating birds to formulated food must be monitored to make sure that the birds are eating. This process takes time and effort on your part.

Formulated diets- Pellets are available in your pet store. This is a convenient way for you to provide your bird with a balanced diet. These formulated diets are available to meet the special needs of your pet bird.

Grains - Common food items are: cooked rice, dry corn, seed mixes, barley and whole grain bread. A mixture of cereals ( bran flakes, corn flakes and cheerios) helps young birds to start the pecking process. We give our young birds popcorn. This is fun for them, as well as us. They will not share a piece of popcorn, which is sometimes overpowering for them to hold on to, and another bird comes along and takes it away and then the fun begins. This is what raising baby lovebird is all about! Most birds will need to be introduced to new foods many times before they will eat it. Keep trying!!

Fresh vegetables - Dark green and yellow vegetables are high in Vitamin A: such as Beets, Peppers, Broccoli, Carrots, Green beans, Brussels sprouts. Dandelion greens are very good for your bird but make sure that there is no chemicals on them. Most lovebirds like corn on the cob. Slice up a cob for your bird. They just love to chew on the cob. This is another great activity for your bird.

Fruits - Fruits should be given to your bird that are high in vitamin A. Cantaloupe, kiwi, pomegranates, strawberries, cranberries are just a few of the fruits your bird will like. Try to introduce them to each fruit slowly. You can also mix up a number of fruits in the food processor like cantaloupe, kiwi, grapes, oranges and apples. Try to blend them not make a juice. This way they can try a number of fruits together.

Protein - A good source of protein is found in cooked beans; kidney, pinto, black-eyed peas, black beans, green split peas and lentils. We soak them over night in water, and microwave them for 15- 20 minutes. Separate into small packages and freeze. Take out what you need. This will save time too. We have tried beans a number of times and my birds are not fussy about them. But I'm still working on them. Eggs should be given to all mature birds at least once a week especially when mating and brooding. Boil the egg and break it up with the shell on it. The egg shell gives them some calcium that they need in their diet. Peanuts and sunflower seeds should be given in small amounts due to the high fat content.

Calcium - Calcium can be given in the form of cuttlebone, oyster shell and mineral block. However, not all bird eat these items. You can crush up a calcium tablets and put in food, or use liquid or powder that maybe purchased at the vets.

Fresh water - Fresh water must be provided at all times. It should be change at least twice daily to ensure that no matters are present in the drinking water. Your Lovebirdís water must be as clean as the water YOU drink!

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