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Breeding Parrots, Cockatiels and Lovebirds.

                                       Real stories



How everything started...

Just by accident birds came into my life. Seven years ago, I was working when I received my father’s phone call saying:" Hey! There is a bird flying in the sitting room, what am I supposed to do with it?"

As an ecologist, my first answer was: "Open all the windows and let it go away!"  But, after few seconds I thought it was better to see if it was able to return nature. So, I phoned the vet of my dog and asked for her advice.  After some questions about the bird she concluded that it was a yellow male Canary and it was not able to survive by itself, specially in a hostile city like São Paulo.

And her final words was: "Love him or give him to someone you trust. It is a gift from heaven to you!" Well, I decided to take care of him. His name is Barry (named after Barry Manilow), he sings like an angel, and my mornings are happier now. I just love him!"


A sad story of a Great Kiskadee  (Pitangus sulphuratus) 


One day, my dear friend Carla phoned me saying that there was a beautiful bird with a strange behaviour, and the owner of the bird was going to sell it or give it to anyone. I asked her to bring this bird to me. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was a Great Kiskadee (Bem-te-vi, popular name in Brazil). It was starving! Almost dying...his previous owner used to feed him with boiled pasta! And as its instinct and having no other alternative he ate only this pasta for months. Looking a little bit better I saw that his wing was broken! So, even if I could recover its health he could never return to his freedom.

I started a huge program of health, I did a big research to find out what was his needs. I gave him a lot of insect larvae, pellets, and a lot of fruits, in a few days he was strong and started singing.  I bought him a very big cage and adopted him as my new pet! He recovered his health day after day, and he is extremely calm, I can hold him in my hands and leave him on my shoulder, something extremely rare in this specie.

Now he is safe and will live all his days comfortably installed in his big “home”. But I still can’t accept someone that catches a free bird, breaks his wing and gives no correct food! But this (unfortunately) is my country. Most of the people have no respect for our beautiful wild nature.


The "adoption" of a House Sparrow  (Passer domesticus)


One day, walking in my backyard and heard a noise, and saw something moving toward the bushes, I was scared and thought it was a mouse! But I needed to check what was it, And what a great surprise! It was a baby bird that fell from his nest and I had no idea where this nest could be! It was a defenceless baby and I had to try to feed him immediately! And I started thinking how his mother was supposed to feed him. So, I made a mix of things I  thought could be in his mother’s diet. I used a syringe to feed him and for my great surprise he accepted my mixture!

 In few days he was strong and growing fast! Soon I was being recognized by his “mother”, he had no fear of me! It was a unique experience to see him growing and becoming an adult. He lived with me for 9 years. In my opinion it was a victory of love, because he had almost no chances of surviving and I had no experience at all with this kind of bird, in fact, nobody has! Sometimes when I tell this fact, people doubt my words, but as a photographer, I have photos to prove! I have photos of when he was a baby and all his growing phases! It was my victory of protecting a bird people just ignore, but they are an important part of nature’s balance. He lived with me during his 9 years, healthy and safe.

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