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Breeding Parrots, Cockatiels and Lovebirds.

Ieda A. Corbucci R. Scalisse
(Breeder of the birds in this website, Photographer, Teacher of Arts)

Amanda S. Gomes
(Webmater and Photographer)
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Since August 1999, we sincerely thank all the friends and partners that contributed to the success of this website

Dra. Magda Izidio de Souza, Brazilian Vet

Cleiton, Assistant of the Vet Clinic Fênix;

Marcio Rualonga created and designed our lovely Cartoon Characters Tut, Bradley and Kiko. (Mtb 29.003) Copyright © 2004

Zulmira de Rosa, Friend that gave me beautiful photos of her lovely Parrot "Loreco";

Jo-Ann Graham, American, gave photos of her Cockatiels "Tiki" and "Pepper";

Frank, American, gave me some photos of a Cockatiel egg hatching

Steve Nichols, British, allowed me to use all the content of his website
                  (www.parrotsanctuary.co.uk) and

Gavin Watson, from Scotland-UK sent me texts and Egyptian photos.

Erika Arruda Beux, gave me some photos of her Cockatiels.

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