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Breeding Parrots, Cockatiels and Lovebirds.

Poisonous foods

Poisonous food There are many kind of food and materials that if they are eaten by your bird, can cause much harm to your bird. In some cases, even death. Never give:

Chocolate- It is extremely toxic for birds even in small quantities. If a bird ate chocolate it will have diarrhoea, vomiting, attacks and even death. Run to a Vet if your bird eats accidentally chocolate or it can be too late.

Avocado- It is a delicious fruit for humans, but it can cause the death of your bird, many cases are known in Vet literature, so, never take the chance!

Onions- It is not really proved that it can cause any harm, but it was seeing that some birds had serious problems with onions. So, why give onions if you have so many other fruits to feed him?

Milk- It wonít be good for your bird to drink milk, it contains lactose and it can cause serious problems to its health. So, donít give milk! You can give white cheese as a complement of calcium for your bird. But give just small quantities.

Eggs- Never give eggs, you can give boiled eggs, but just the yolk!

Alcohol- Obviously canít be given! Under on circumstances, not even a single drop!

Rubber- Toys made of soft rubber can be dangerous because the bird can accidentally swallow the material and it is highly toxic.

Food with fungus- Any food with even a single bit of fungus canít be given to your bird. Pay attention when you feed your bird if the food doesnít contain any fungus, or parasites.

Canned food -Donít give canned food, even vegetables or corn because it contains chemical products and salt. You canít give it, neither snacks, salty biscuits nor peanuts.

Cigarettes - Obviously you wonít give your bird a cigarette to eat, but smoking near him will make him a passive smoker, as anyone else. If you smoke, you have to choose between your bird and smoking. They have very small lungs and only a bit of smoke will cause him a lot of harm.

Coffee Ė many people give coffee to their parrots and they love it! But it is not good! It contains caffeine and caffeine in their small bodies can cause a great trouble. They can have many symptoms of a heart attack. If you have a bird addicted to coffee, try to change this habit for a healthier one!

Soft drinks Ė They have basically the same problems of the coffee and they have also the gas. So, donít give it! They can drink natural juice without sugar and it will be a lot better!

Metals- Parrots have a powerful beak, so they can chew some metals, and it can be extremely dangerous! Try to use strong cages, with no paint and no rusty parts. Donít let it play with metallic toys. Dropping with black colour, a sleepy bird, vomiting can be a terrible sign that your bird is seriously ill. Run to a good Vet and check.

Teflon - Teflon is a highly used material in kitchens. But it is extremely poisonous to birds. Donít leave pans near him, donít prepare any food to your bird using this pans. And be careful with a free bird while you are cooking! Accidents can happen! A pan of boiling water can kill your bird in seconds!

You must remember that parrots have a powerful beak and can chew electric chords, and an electric shock can kill your bird instantly. Never leave your bird with no supervision of someone at home. And when they are inside the cage, check if there is no electric chord near it.
Possible Danger Areas Regarding Plants A few common plants that parrots may come into contact with.

Azalea - Leaf Balsam pear - Seed, Rind
Baneberry - Berries, Roots
Bird of Paradise - Seed
Black locust - Bark, Sprouts, Leaf
Blue-green Algae - All
Buckthorn - Fruit, Bark
Buttercup - Sap, Bulb
Calla lily - Leaf
Caladium - Leaf
Castor Bean - Bean, leaf
Chalice vine - All
Cherry tree - Bark, Twig, Leaf, Pit
Christmas candle - Sap
Daffodil - Bulb
Daphne - Berry Delphinium - All
Elephant's Ear - Leaf, Stem
English Ivy - Berry, Leaf
Foxglove - Leaf, Seed
Holly - Berry
Horse Chestnut - Nut, Twig
Hyacinth - Bulb
Hydrangea - Flower Bud
Indian Turnip - All
Iris (Blue Flag) - Bulb
Laburnum - Flower
Laurel - All
Lobelia - All
Marijuana - Leaf
Mistletoe Berry Mock Orange Fruit Narcissus Bulb Oak Acorn, Leaf Poison Ivy Sap Poison Oak Sap Poinsettia Leaf, Flower Potato Eyes and New Shoots Rhododendron All Rhubarb Leaf Snowdrop All Sweet Pea Seed, Leaf Wisteria All Yew Needle, Seed


01- TEFLON (PTFE) is found in more and more appliances for the home. It is found in skillets, electric heaters, irons, hair dryers, space heaters & many other devices! Teflon can kill birds.

02- Scented candles and plug-ins have been known to kill birds.

03- Carpet cleaners have also been the cause of death in some birds.

04- Leather Protectant Spray has killed birds.

05- Pine-scented impregnated paper air fresheners have killed birds!

06- Volatile oils and fragrances can cause illness & death in birds.

07- A bird owner used a well-known household disinfectant to disinfect baby cages and thought it was all rinsed off. The next morning there were 37 dead babies. Only 11 were still alive.

08- Scented toilet paper rolls given to birds to play with, have killed birds.

09- The grill on down draft stove...killed 2 cockatoos and a lovebird.

10- A Window Insulator Kit (a double-sided tape and a shrink type film to keep drafts out of your home) has killed birds!

11- Metal (Zinc) on a cotton candy toy flakes off and has poisoned birds!

12- New carpet has fumes/gases (Formaldehyde) potentially harmful or fatal to exotic birds.

13- A product covers stove burners to better distribute the heat. It is coated with Polysilicone lacquer and has already killed some birds very quickly.

14- Organic bedding such as corn cob and walnut shell has killed many birds when ingested. It's much safer to use plain newspaper.

15- Ceramic-top stoves are coated with a substance that has killed birds.

16- Many cleaning products contain solvents that cause permanent damage to birds' respiratory systems.

17- Odour killing products used around the home has been known to kill birds.

18- Avoid new fabrics with toxic substance (Formaldehyde).

19- Formaldehyde is also used in cardboard rolls for toilet paper and paper towels.

20- Insect Repellent caused seizures in a bird...it could have died.

21- Copper wire, if swallowed is toxic, and has killed some birds.

22- Cooking bags have killed birds. A Senegal necropsy showed Teflon Toxicosis.

23- If using sponges with green scrubbing side, check label carefully. Active ingredient is Triclosan and has killed fish.

24- Antique or Imported Ceramics Pose Lead Danger.

25- Lead has also been found in certain plastic toys.

26- Brass keys contain lead.

27- Some logs used in fireplaces emit carbon monoxide.

28- Many toys can be dangerous to your birds...small openings to catch nails or tongue in, loose rope ends to wind around toes and cut off circulation, etc

29- New GE bulbs are coated with Teflon...DO NOT USE THESE!
BE CAREFUL!! There are many more dangerous products that are not listed here.

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