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Birds and Arts

Birds always were included in every kind of art as an element of beauty. Since Ancient Egypt and before, they were always inSculptures, paintings and art objects because of their beauty, mystery, and as a symbol of freedom. They were always inserted in paintings because of the decorative effect and because of the symbolism of status. In some periods they were considered Gods. In hieroglyphs they were a constant element.


We can find birds in jewels, paintings, sculptures and art objects. In all civilizations we find birds. Their elegance and beauty, their colourful plumage always inspired artists. They are still a symbol of aristocracy.


Birds more often used are peacocks, Faison, macaws, parrots and some singing birds. Many portraits of rich people also were decorated with birds as an element of status. The Flemish painter Van Eyck often added birds in his portraits of rich people. Luxurious  golden cages were also a symbol of wealthy nobles. Bosch in his apocalyptical paintings always used birds included in the scenes.


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